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Group Profile

Qingdao Hicorp Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is an engineering equipment manufacturing company, specializing in the production and sales of intelligent tunnel segment carousels, prefabricated metro station elements molds and production line, precast concrete element production line, lightweight wall panel production line, special-shaped element molds and production line, tunnel segment molds, prefabricated comprehensive utility gallery molds, etc.

The self-developed large-scale engineering molds of the company are unique in design concept and process technology. It has undertaken orders for tunnel segment molds with the largest diameter of 22.6 meters and 15.5 meters in China. The tunnel segment carousels can be tailor-designed and selected from passing-through curing tunnel, independent curing chambers and various transmission modes according to customers’ specific needs. Hicorp Heavy Industry has participated in the research, development and manufacturing of molds and production lines for many domestic subways and comprehensive utility gallery underground projects. Its intelligent tunnel segment carousels, special-shaped element molds and production lines, tunnel segment molds, prefabricated comprehensive utility gallery molds have ranked first in the domestic market share for many consecutive years.

Hicorp Heavy Industry was selected into the list of excellent scenarios for intelligent manufacturing by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and won the titles of “Specialization, Excellence, Novelty & Originality” enterprise, gazelle enterprise in Shandong Province, the first batch of science and technology "Little Giant" enterprises in Shandong Province, and the top 100 privately-owned enterprises with innovation potential in Shandong Province.